Image Aus dem sonnigem Italien erreciht uns ein sehr netter Report ├╝ber das Festival. Text & photos by Giulio Siroli - RastaRevolution:
Describing the magical feelings and vibrations I enjoyed at the Rototom Sunsplash Festival will be a challenge, but I’ll try to take you there. Rototom is a ten day nonstop party implanted in the awesome Rivellino Park in Osoppo, an area near Udine, in northeastern Italy.

Peace Love Com_Unity

The festival took place from Thursday through Saturday, July 5-14, 2007. It’s place where one can hear reggae music wafting from many stages inter-dispersed throughout the far reaches of the park, some containing tribal djembes rhythms while others feature a great variety of sound systems. There are debates to attend from the most current to the most unlikely topics in addition to the opportunity to view many documentaries about reggae.

Life at Rototom never stops. You’re never alone. It’s a brotherhood where everyone feels in harmony with the Creator. It is not only the greatest European reggae event of the summer, but also one of the internationally reknowned as well. This year’s festival theme is Peace, Love Com_Unity to affirm once again that peace, love and respect are the ultimate aspirations of both the festival and its participants, including audience and performers alike. Big Up!

Of noteworthy mention in this edition is artist Bitty McLean who, with her well-known sweetness, creates a personal rapport with her audience by stepping away from the microphone on stage and throwing herself in the middle of her wild and crazy fans. It is a memorable moment of this show that will remain forever in the memory of those who were there. Bless up!


Along with the big names in roots and new roots music, are the performances of the dancehall front-rank artists. Even though their earlier shows this spring in Italy were met with intense conflict and boycotts, resulting in a large number of live shows being cancelled, at Rototom these dancehall artists managed to win over and to inspire the masses with their lyrics, never homophobic nor insulting.

In fact when Sizzla Kalonji comes on stage everyone goes absolutely crazy. Rivellino Park lights up with numerous flames throwers and fireworks, inna Rebel Salute style. A banner with the notice “In Italy we respect gays”, was swept across the crowds located near the stage. Complete madness! What a pity that Sizzla doesn’t show up for an encore. The public, even though deeply disappointed, leaves highly satisfied.

The self-proclaimed King of Dancehall, Beenie Man, is welcomed by a sea of raised hands waving at each unexpected movement that the charismatic artist makes. It is total apotheosis! Many women clustered near the stage can’t control their deep emotions. Excellent show, but I am still wondering if he did really autograph the Reggae ACT?