european dancehall queen contest 2008 Am 5ten April wurde in Italien die europäische DHQ gekürt. Champage hat sich gegen 9 andere Ladys durchgesetzt und wird am International Dancehall Queen Contest in Montego Bay teilnehmen. 1st: Champagne (UK) 2nd Amzone(FR) 3rd Suna(IT)



european dancehall queen contest 2008

PIRATES PRODUCTION is pleased to annonce to the all reggae
massive the results of the 2008 EUROPEAN DANCEHALL QUEEN

The European Dancehall queen Contest second edition has took
place on the 5th of April 2008, in Bologna, Italy promoted
by Pirates Production as last year. A thousand people coming
from all over Europe was there to support one’s queens.

The ten Dancehall Queens coming from nine different European

- ITALY (NIMA, Italian dh queen2007/ SUNA);
- FRANCE (AMZONE, Dancehall Queen France2008);
- GERMANY (JUMBIE, German dh queen2007);
- HOLLAND (HERSHEY, Dancehall queen Holland2008);
- AUSTRIA (ASHA, Austrian Dancehall Queen 2007);

european dancehall queen contest 2008

fought properly for the 2008 European crown with high grade
of competitiveness. That is to show that THE EUROPEAN
DANCEHALL QUEEN CROWN has really become very important among
the best European dancehall dancers.  

Last year we could tell at glance that the French Dancehall
Queen Shisha could win the competition, whereas this year
judges have made a very hard job in view of the high level
of the all contestants. Amzone (DancehallQueen France 2008)
and Champagne (second place at the Uk dancehall queen
contest 2008)
are jumped on the top of the ranking immediately. At the
last round, from the top five: