Image Bereits im April fand in Bologna der erste Teil des Europäischen DancehallQueenContest statt, nun erreicht uns ein Bericht von Giulio Siroli:
The Dancehall Queen is a dancing competition born in Jamaica more than 30 years ago. At the beginning, this kind of competition was held just in Jamaica within Jamaican girls and the winner (The Queen) could gain money and popularity.


Over the years, it has become a worldwide event starting from The Caribbean Islands, going to America, until Japan. Girls loving dancehalls and dancehall music around the world are usually charming by this kind of sensual competition and they also start dancing in that unusual but very exciting way of moving. Dancehall Queen Contest and Dancehall Reggae music are spreading over the world nearly at the same time. Girls around the world compete at the National Contest in their own countries in order to fly to Jamaica to perform at The International Dancehall Queen Contest and win the mighty crown of “the Queen of the Dancehall”.

The European DHQ Contest’ s first edition has took place on the 21st of April 2007, in Bologna, Italy after its promoter, the Pirates Production, had to change its date twice.

The ten Dancehall Queens coming from ten different European Countries – Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Polland, Spain, United Kingdom – fought properly for European crown. More than thousand people coming from all over Europe was there to support one’s queens.

I could tell at glance that the French Dancehall Queen Shisha could win the competition; in fact, euphoric viewers brought her with applauses, trumpets, whistle, fire round by round... That was nearly incredible!!

During the competition the UK Dancehall Queen Twista stood out among all other dancers as well as Shisha. Thus, France against UK was the final step called “Move fi Move” and Twista was rightly second. As I said before, Shisha won the biggest trophy, the first European crown and above all, a real chance to enter the 2007 International DHQ Competition in Montego Bay, Jamaica on the 28th July 2007.

Special thanks to:
Enrico Vicari – Pirates Production' s general manager
Lisa “MissTake” Cataldo – Pirates Production's artist coordinator

01 round demonstrative
1 round 10 queen - Reverse by thing/Heathen/Dem time deh/Anger management/Sidewalk university etc.
2 round 8 queen - High altitude/Quick draw/Raging bull
3 round 6 queen - Power cut/Red bull & Guinness
4 round 3 queen - Step out
5 round 2 queen - Sativa aka Bad from mi born (Munga)
Move fi Move - “Swing it Weh”, “Hot Fuck” and “Dutty Wine”

The names of all the participants and the first three:
European DHQ 2K7 Shisha from France Shisha @ Myspace
No.2 Twista from United kingdom Twista @ Myspace
No.3 V R from Italy
V T from Austria
M S and M E from Belgium
L L from Estonia
Kim La Queen from Germany Kim @ Myspace
T S from Polland
I M Lechuga from Spain

The Jury:
Talita Vecchini - Italian DHQ 2003
Joanna Krochmalska - Promoter DHQ Polland
Brian Martin - Big head promoter International DHQ by Mo Bay, Jamaica

Clava - One Love Hi Powa - from Italy
Phillip Clarke from Jamaica

Mad kid from Italy

Report / Fotos by Giulio Siroli