aktuelle News (12.11)
Nachdem es Probleme mit der Politik gab, haben sich nun die Anwohner zusammengeschlossen, um für den Verbleib des Rototom Sunplashs in Rivelliono Park in Osoppo zu stimmen. (Genoma del Friuli)
Wer das Festival Gelände kennen und lieben gelernt hat, kann hier eine Petition unterschreiben
Auf der Rototom Seite ist folgende Meldung zu finden:

Petition for Rototom Sunsplash to remain in Friuli

After 130 local entrepreneurs, the mayor of Gemona and the authorities of Osoppo expressed their strongest worries about the consequences of holding the Sunsplash festival outside Friuli, the Pro Sunsplash Committee has now launched a popular petition in favour of the festival, the text being the one presented to the Osoppo town council meeting and approved unanimously by the local authorities. The text is also available online, and all those who wish to sign it can do so here. The petition was organized and drafted by many people living in this region who do not work for the festival, but want to sustain it, and to them goes our most heartfelt thanks. We have been waiting since November 2008 for the regional authorities (President Tondo, Assessor Molinaro, etc.) to receive us and listen to our views. And honestly, after all that has happened, we cannot do more than this.