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Weeks after topping major charts with her first single ‘Mama’s Hand’, Ieye, new comer discovered by star maker Clifton “Specialist” Dillon, hits the set once more  to shoot the video for “ I Know” the second single from her debut album entitled “Fevergrass”. In this new single Ieye demonstrates her smooth and commanding vocals while confirming her belief in the “Most High”. Directed by Ras Tingle from TD Films, the videos concept is abstract and incorporates the use of dance and an orchestra playing live instruments.

“As you will see the concept used is very clean, sophisticated and edgy, a direction which is currently used in most international videos”, Tingle explains. “It’s my second time working with Ieye and Specialist as a veteran, it is always a pleasure working with this team as I am able to utilise my creative skills as a director while gaining some insight and experience from the Specialist himself,” Tingle says.
Ieye is ecstatic about her new video and her journey as a new artiste, “this is my second video and I feel great about it! I feel like I’m reaching people and places, I had a great feeling about the first video “Mama’s Hand” and I have the same feeling now, so I’m happy and I hope Jamaica and the world will embrace it!” Ieye says.

Ieye is working on other major projects this summer including another video with label mate, Italian reggae super star Alborosie and a 5-week tour of Europe. Other singles from the “Fevergrass” album will be released this summer on a major Label. Look out for the premiere of “I know” on major television stations this week.   In the meantime, check out the YouTube video link at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyPNXqIjSG4 .